Working on the New Rental House

Marv, Les and I found our latest project down in Huntington Beach. In fact it is only about four blocks from the HUntington Beach Pier, although it is also four blocks away from the ocean. We got a great deal on it, because the Bank of America was howling at the door of the guy who had inherited from his aunt. He got her house and a bunch of her debts as well, so he had to sell and we gave him as good a price as we could. Went to the orange county shutters place right after the fact and went to work on the remodeling. We are going to put in a bunch of all wood plantation shutters to start with and I am going to refinish the floors.

There are hardwood floors through the entire place, but they are in rather poor shape or they are covered up by some ugly carpets. I figure that a bit of work will make them look sparkling new and in turn the entire house will look beautiful, especially relative to how it looks at this point in time. For me it is not that big of a job, because I used to re finish floors when I was in college. The guy who lived next door was in the business and when he had a side job, I would go along to help him. Before I got out of college I was really good at it and then I would do it when my partners and I invested in a house. If you rent a sander and you know what you are doing, the entire process only takes about a full day. The trick is just to get everything in place before you go to the equipment rental place to get the sander.

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